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Darktrace is a world leading provider of AI for the enterprise, with the first at scale deployment of AI in cyber security, and a pioneer of autonomous response technology. Created by mathematicians, our platform uses machine learning and AI algorithms to neutralise cyber threats across diverse digital estates, including the cloud and networks, IoT and industrial control systems.

Our self-learning technology requires minimal set-up, quickly identifying threats that have breached the perimeter, including threats exploiting previously unknown vulnerabilities, and insider threat. With deep expertise in mathematics and machine learning, as well as operational experience defending critical organisational assets, Darktrace seeks to empower enterprises to defend their systems against the most silent and sophisticated cyber threats.

Darktrace currently serves more than 9,400 customers in over 110 countries, with more than 2,200 employees globally. We are headquartered in Cambridge, UK.

Q3 FY 2024 Trading Update
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Thursday April 11, 2024
Thursday March 7, 2024
Thursday January 11, 2024
Q3 FY 2024 Trading Update


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Regulatory News

19/06/2024Form 8.5 (EPT/RI) - Darktrace
19/06/2024Form 8.3 - Darktrace plc
19/06/2024Form 8.5 (EPT/NON-RI) Darktrace plc Replacement

Darktrace Press Releases

06/06/2024Darktrace Launches Managed Detection & Response Service to Bolster Security Operations
30/05/2024Darktrace Appoints Jill Popelka as Chief Operating Officer
09/04/2024Darktrace Transforms Security Operations and Improves Cyber Resilience with Launch of Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform™

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