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GlobalData Reveals Darktrace Outpaced the Cyber Security Industry with 69.2% YOY Growth in Patent Applications in Three Months Ending November 2021

Darktrace Patent Filings Demonstrate Advances in Cyber Security, as Related Innovation in Tech Industry Dropped
Cambridge, UK
February 8, 2022

GlobalData reported that Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, saw a 69.2% growth year-over-year in patent applications in the three months ending November 2021. Darktrace continues to accelerate research into proactive security AI capabilities to prevent cyber-attacks before adversaries can conceive them.

The growth in Darktrace patent applications comes as related cyber security innovation in the tech and communications sector dropped during the same period. GlobalData, which tracks and analyzes filings worldwide, said Darktrace had the highest percentage growth in patent filings, compared with all other companies tracked.

The Darktrace Cyber AI Research Centre has been the company’s beating heart since its founding in 2013 and has a challenge-centric, as opposed to a product-centric, approach to delivering world-class, dynamic, and responsive research. Based in Cambridge, UK, the team focuses on how both adversaries and defenders may apply AI to the challenge of escalating cyber-attacks. Comprised of mathematicians, scientists, and AI experts, the Cyber AI Research Centre produces breakthroughs that organically grow Darktrace’s knowledge of the security ecosystem.

More than 80 patents protected or pending for AI and machine learning concepts have evidenced new paths forward. Darktrace’s researchers are actively exploring new, innovative approaches, including areas like defensive and adversarial AI, deepfakes, AI in social engineering, natural language processing, graph theory, and self-healing systems.

The dramatic growth in Darktrace’s patent applications reflects a continued ramp-up of innovation as the company prepares to unveil breakthrough research intended to arm enterprises and government agencies with new capabilities for preventing cyber-attacks. New research from this team will pave the way for Darktrace to deliver a 'Continuous AI Loop.’ This loop will improve an organization’s overall cyber posture with each AI system reinforcing the other, minimizing the impacts of any breach or attack in real time, and allowing the AI to preemptively lower risk.

“Darktrace is committed to research excellence and the original thinking that advances knowledge of cyber security AI. We are proud to be changing the world by driving the development of innovations that today defend the world’s most critical assets from sophisticated cyber-threat,” commented Jack Stockdale, CTO, Darktrace. “Maximizing the impact and relevance of our work in ways that are useful to the wider economy, public services, and policymaking is fundamental to what we do, and I look forward to publishing our breakthrough research into proactive security in due course.”

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