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Ransomware Now #1 Use Case for Autonomous Response Technology

AI Enables Proportionate Response to Neutralize Ransomware and Build Resilience
Cambridge, UK
May 26, 2021

Darktrace, a leading cyber security AI company, today announced that ransomware is the top use case of its market-leading Autonomous Response technology, as organizations face the increased threat of machine-speed attacks.

As sophisticated ransomware attacks continue to pose an existential risk to organizations in all sectors, Darktrace Antigena allows customers to take proportionate action to thwart all strains of ransomware, both known and unknown, in real time, avoiding costly shutdowns and business disruption.

Powered by self-learning Cyber AI, Autonomous Response is a world-first technology that rapidly neutralizes a range of novel cyber-attacks by taking highly targeted actions, while allowing normal business operations to continue as usual. Its self-learning technology isolates only the unusual data encryption activity associated with ransomware.

In addition, Darktrace has also announced that it has extended its Autonomous Response capability to enhance coverage of servers, allowing the AI to fight back against all forms of fast-moving attacks.

“The threat of ransomware was a key driver in our adoption of Autonomous Response technology,” commented Leon Shepherd, Chief Information Officer, Ted Baker. “The ransomware that we are up against today moves too quickly for humans to contend with alone – the way we stay ahead is by having Darktrace AI fight back precisely and proportionately on our behalf.”

“For us, Autonomous Response technology combats the most sophisticated ransomware attacks out there and it does that within seconds of the threat emerging,” commented Abhay Raman, Chief Security Officer, Sun Life. “Crucially, the AI responds intelligently which allows us to continue normal business operations uninterrupted. This is the future of security.”

“Organizations exist to deliver valuable goods and services to customers or citizens and it is unconscionable for executives to be put in a position of having operations brought to their knees because of a ransomware attack,” said Nicole Eagan, Chief Strategy Officer, AI Officer. “The resilience organizations can achieve with Autonomous Response changes that dynamic and allows for both a rapid and proportionate way to mitigate risk during a ransomware attack.”

About Darktrace

Darktrace is a leading autonomous cyber security AI company and the creator of Autonomous Response technology. It provides comprehensive, enterprise-wide cyber defense to over 4,700 organizations in over 100 countries, protecting the cloud, email, IoT, traditional networks, endpoints and industrial systems.

A self-learning technology, Darktrace AI autonomously detects, investigates and responds to advanced cyber-threats, including insider threat, remote working risks, ransomware, data loss and supply chain vulnerabilities.

The company has 1,500 employees globally, with headquarters in Cambridge, UK. Every second, Darktrace AI detects a cyber-threat, preventing it from causing damage.