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C2S Bouygues Chooses Darktrace AI to Protect Critical Data

French IT Leader Catches Stealthy Cyber-Threats with Enterprise Immune System
October 2, 2018

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense, has today announced that IT pioneer, C2S, has chosen the Enterprise Immune System to defend its network against stealthy insider threats.

C2S supports the digital transformation of large multinational companies in multiple sectors, from media and telecommunications to the manufacturing industry. The company is particularly vigilant about exfiltration and misuse of strategic data, especially information pertaining to M&As. With Darktrace’s AI, C2S is now able to detect the earliest signs of an emerging compromise on its systems for unprecedented cyber resilience against all manner of threat, including malicious and accidental insider threat.

Data protection is the challenge of this century. Organizations have to step up,” commented Marc Cierspiez, C2S Groupe Bouygues Information Systems Security Manager. “At C2S, we are leveraging cyber AI in order to enhance how we analyze and protect our network, and reinforce the trust our customers have in how we secure their data. The Enterprise Immune System’s power to learn on-the-job and detect the subtlest of threats is second to none. Together with Darktrace, we can better prepare against attacks and vulnerabilities that emerge from the inside which are notoriously difficult to catch.”

About Darktrace

About Darktrace

Darktrace is the world’s leading AI company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians, the Enterprise Immune System uses machine learning and AI algorithms to detect and respond to cyber-threats across diverse digital environments, including cloud and virtualized networks, IoT and industrial control systems. The technology is self-learning and requires no set-up, identifying threats in real time, including zero-days, insiders and stealthy, silent attackers. Darktrace is headquartered in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK, and has 33 offices worldwide.