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Darktrace Gains Momentum in Canada

TRJ Télécom, Energy+, and Pizza Pizza Join Growing List of Customers
October 24, 2017

Darktrace, the world leader in AI technology for cyber defense, has today announced that it has tripled its headcount in Canada over the last 12 months and opened new offices in Ottawa and Vancouver to meet demand for its technology.

New Darktrace customers in Canada span a range of industries and include public utility company Energy+, telco giant TRJ Télécom, major Canadian retailer Laura, and fast-food chain Pizza Pizza.

Darktrace’s machine learning approach means that our days of battling cyber-threats at the border are over,” commented Paul Martinello, Vice President of Information Technology, Energy+. “Before deploying Darktrace, we had no way of detecting emerging threats, and we had a reactive approach to cyber defense. The Enterprise Immune System protects our network from the inside out, allowing us to catch even the subtlest and most advanced forms of threat at their earliest stages.”

Powered by machine learning and AI algorithms, Darktrace’s technology mimics the intelligent defense capabilities of the human immune system. Able to detect and autonomously respond to threats as they emerge, the Enterprise Immune System has been adopted by companies in Canada of all sizes and across all industry verticals.

In the face of today’s threat landscape, it is critical that companies adopt genuine AI for cyber-defense,” said Damien Marle, Director of IT at Quebec-based TRJ Télécom. “Darktrace gave us a solution that no other technology could provide. The Enterprise Immune System provides us with early threat detection and valuable network visibility, augmenting our security team and helping prevent anomalies from becoming attacks.”
Continuing pressure on companies to improve their cyber security posture is leading many businesses to fundamentally rethink their entire approach to cyber defense,” commented David Masson, Country Manager, Canada, Darktrace. “As large-scale attacks like the recent Equifax breach become increasingly common, a growing number of companies in Canada are looking beyond legacy security tools and signature-based approaches. The risks of intellectual property theft, reputational damage, and loss of consumer trust also serve as strong drivers for the accelerated adoption of Darktrace’s AI technology in Canada.”

About Darktrace

About Darktrace

Darktrace is the world’s leading machine learning company for cyber security. Created by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge, the Enterprise Immune System uses AI algorithms to automatically detect and take action against cyber-threats within all types of networks, including physical, cloud and virtualized networks, as well as IoT and industrial control systems. A self-configuring platform, Darktrace requires no prior set-up, identifying advanced threats in real time, including zero-days, insiders and stealthy, silent attackers. Headquartered in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK, Darktrace has 30 offices worldwide.