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Industry Veteran Calls Machine Learning ‘Critical’ to Detect Tomorrow's Threats

Steelcase’s Stuart Berman Joins Darktrace at InfoSec World Conference to Discuss the Future of Cyber Defense
Lake Buena Vista, FL
April 6, 2016

Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise Immune System technology, presented a radical vision of cyber defense at InfoSec World 2016, Orlando, yesterday, where ‘immune system’-inspired technology can automatically find and respond to evolving cyber-threats.

IT Security Architect at Steelcase, Stuart Berman, joined Sean O’Connor, Director at Darktrace on the conference stage as a guest speaker, to discuss how enterprises can tackle the cyber security challenges of tomorrow.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of corporate office environments, Steelcase is known for embracing new technology and innovation, and was quick to recognize the importance of adopting new models of security.

Speaking at the InfoSec World Conference in Florida yesterday, Stuart Berman, who has over 20 years’ experience in information security, shared his views on the future of cyber defense.

“Math and machine learning are an important part of advanced threat defense, in the context of today’s fast-moving, distributed work environments,” Berman commented. “Machine learning can detect things that we can’t predict and define. It’s like finding a needle in an enormous haystack.”

“Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System technology is inspired by the human immune system, and has quickly become the de facto solution for advanced threat detection and defense,” said Sean O’Connor, Director, Darktrace. “By establishing a ‘pattern of life’ for every device, user and network within an organization, Darktrace is capable of uncovering subtle threats from within the network, which bypass traditional tools.”

Darktrace is an official sponsor of InfoSec World Conference & Expo 2016, which takes place from April 4–6.

About Darktrace

Named ‘Technology Pioneer’ by the World Economic Forum, Darktrace is one of the world’s leading cyber threat defense companies. Its Enterprise Immune System technology detects and responds to previously unidentified threats, powered by machine learning and mathematics developed by specialists from the University of Cambridge. Without using rules or signatures, Darktrace is uniquely capable of understanding the ‘pattern of life’ of every device, user and network within an organization, and defends against evolving threats that bypass all other systems. Some of the world’s largest corporations rely on Darktrace’s self-learning technology in sectors including energy and utilities, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and transportation. Darktrace is headquartered in Cambridge, UK and San Francisco, with offices in Auckland, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington D.C.