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Darktrace Wins Twice at Homeland Security Awards

Enterprise Immune System Wins Detection and Mitigation Tool Award
San Francisco
December 20, 2016

Darktrace, the leader in Enterprise and Industrial Immune System technology, has today announced that it won two awards yesterday at the Homeland Security Awards.

These prestigious awards, sponsored by the Government Security News, recognize the most innovative and important technologies developed by cyber security companies. Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System was selected as the winner for the “Best Continuous Monitoring and Mitigation Solution” category while the Industrial Immune System was selected for the “Best Industrial Cyber Security Solution”. These flagship awards commend breakthrough security technologies that have had a significant impact on the security posture of organizations.

The esteemed panel of judges evaluate technologies based on a combination of several factors: including ability to increase a client’s security, technological innovation or improvement, filling a recognized government IT security need, and flexibility of a solution to meet current and future organizational demands. Both the Enterprise and Industrial Immune system approaches were selected due to the self-learning technology’s ability to detect emerging threats in real time –without the use of rules, signatures, or prior assumptions.

Powered by innovative machine learning and mathematics developed by specialists from the University of Cambridge, Darktrace establishes a ‘pattern of life’ for every network, device, and user in order to detect ‘unknown unknowns’ and help companies stay ahead of a rapidly-evolving threat landscape.

“These awards serve as a testament to the power of Darktrace’s self-learning technology which ultimately detects threats that would otherwise go unnoticed,” commented Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace. “Companies are facing a visibility problem – they simply cannot see what is inside their network. Darktrace inherently solves this issue by providing real-time visibility and the ability to spot and fight back against emerging threats. As we enter a heightened cyber climate, this could not be more critical.”

About Darktrace

Darktrace is a world-leading cyber-threat defense company. Its multi-award-winning Enterprise Immune System technology automatically detects and responds to emerging threats, powered by machine learning and mathematics developed by specialists from the University of Cambridge. Without using rules or signatures, Darktrace models the ‘pattern of life’ of every device, user and network within an organization, identifying and mitigating cyber-threats before damage is done. Darktrace’s self-learning technology has been deployed globally and across all sectors, including energy, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services and healthcare. The company is headquartered in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK, with over 20 global offices including London, New York, Milan, Mumbai, Paris, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo and Toronto.