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Dexa Systems and Darktrace Partner to Offer Innovative Solutions for Emerging Attacks

Houston and Cambridge, UK
May 21, 2014

Dexa Systems, Inc. and Darktrace have announced that they are partnering to deliver next-generation cyber defense technology to the oil and gas sector, enabling organizations to detect and combat emerging cyber threats in real time.

As critical infrastructure companies are typically common targets of cyber-attack, Dexa continuously searches for more effective methods to shield customers from security breaches and compromises.  Darktrace's solutions address fundamental gaps in security, through its groundbreaking Enterprise Immune System technology, which is uniquely capable of understanding 'self' within an organization and detecting normal and abnormal behaviors in real time.

Darktrace Cyber Intelligence Platform (DCIP), powered by Enterprise Immune System technology, takes a mathematical, probabilistic approach to external and insider cyber threats. DCIP analyzes all information inside the network and adaptively learns the normal patterns for every user, device and the enterprise as a whole. Darktrace is therefore able to detect behavioral anomalies in real time, which are indicative of emerging threats, allowing organizations to take timely action. Threat analysts interact with the platform through Darktrace's Threat Visualizer, a powerful 3D visualization interface that provides a state-of-the-art overview of the network and allows customers to view emerging security incidents, move forward and back in time to analyze suspicious activity and take remedial actions.

Dexa Systems has a strong focus on the energy sector and works to defend the nation's critical national infrastructure, where Darktrace's mathematical approach can provide great benefits.  Together, Dexa Systems and Darktrace bring to the market an innovative 'immune system' approach and new technology, based on core probabilistic mathematics, intelligence expertise and 3D visualization.

About Dexa Systems

Dexa Systems, Inc. specializes in cutting-edge security assessments and solutions to protect the critical infrastructure systems of enterprises, providing a strong cyber security posture.  We also provide turnkey identity access and authentication solutions, both for logical and physical access.  We specialize in the Oil & Gas industry.   Dexa helps keep your enterprise safe, so you can focus on what's most important: the business.