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Darktrace Soars to New Heights in Asia Pacific With Over 1,000 Deployments

CEO Nicole Eagan Discusses Scope of Cyber-Threat at The Wall Street Journal D.Live Asia

Hong Kong
Thursday April 19, 2018

Darktrace, the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense has today announced exceeding 1,000 deployments of the Enterprise Immune System in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). Home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies and industry pioneers, APJ is a fundamental geography for Darktrace’s strategic growth. Addressing the fast evolution of novel cyber-threats, CEO Nicole Eagan speaks at The Wall Street Journal D.Live in Hong Kong tomorrow about ‘The Scope of Threat’.

In response to massive demand for transformative cyber AI, Darktrace has doubled its headcount in APJ in one year, and now has over 80 employees across 13 locations, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, and Australia. The company has also recently expanded its operations to the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam in response to South East Asia’s rapid digital transformation.

Alert to the new era of cyber-threat, organizations of all shapes and sizes are accelerating their adoption of immune system defenses. Customers in APJ include leading law firm ONC Lawyers in Hong Kong; growth advisory firm Grant Thornton Australia; NTT Advanced Technology Corporation, and Yamaguchi Asahi Broadcasting Co., Ltd in Japan; and one of the largest banks in the Philippines.

Powered by machine learning and AI algorithms, the Enterprise Immune System learns the ‘pattern of life’ for every device and user on a network and uses this evolving understanding of ‘normal’ to detect and respond to anomalous activity in real time. Darktrace AI generates precise and targeted actions, akin to digital antibodies, that halt the progress of attacks. These capabilities enable organizations to quickly disarm ‘low and slow’ and machine-speed attacks before a crisis occurs.

“It is exciting to see so many organizations in APJ and across the world enhance their cyber resilience with AI,” commented Nicole Eagan, CEO at Darktrace. “Increased interconnectivity in our enterprises and critical infrastructure is creating new, unforeseen inroads for attackers. However, by leveraging powerful machine learning to develop immune systems for their networks, organizations are detecting and autonomously responding to threats before they have chance to do damage.”

Nicole Eagan will be speaking on ‘The Scope of Threat’ at The Wall Street Journal D.Live Asia in Hong Kong tomorrow at 3.10pm local time.

About Darktrace

Darktrace is the world’s leading AI company for cyber defense. Created by mathematicians, the Enterprise Immune System uses machine learning and AI algorithms to detect and respond to cyber-threats across diverse digital environments, including cloud and virtualized networks, IoT and industrial control systems. The technology is self-learning and requires no set-up, identifying threats in real time, including zero-days, insiders and stealthy, silent attackers. Darktrace is headquartered in San Francisco and Cambridge, UK, and has over 30 offices worldwide.