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Darktrace Speakers at Risky Business Conference, London

November 12, 2013

Darktrace participated in IRM's annual Risky Business conference, which took place at the British Film Institute in London today. The conference brought together professionals from government, business and the information security world to discuss cyber threat to UK business.

Dr Mike Lynch, founder of Invoke Capital, which recently announced its investment in Darktrace, was one of the key speakers at the event. He discussed the limitations of the traditional 'locks and bolts' approach to cyber security and proposed that a fundamentally new approach is required,    arguing that businesses should focus on protecting high-value information in a proportionate way, in order to mitigate against major threat.

"It was a great honour to have Mike Lynch speak at Risky Business for the second year running," said David Cazalet, Managing Partner and co-founder of IRM. "Sharing a platform with Alec Ross, Hillary Clinton's technology advisor, and Martin Howard, director of cyber policy for GCHQ, Mike set out a clear and thought-provoking vision for the future of security and presented a new way of addressing the cyber challenge based on behavioral analytics."

Darktrace's Managing Director, Steve Huxter, also participated at the conference, sharing his unique insights into the challenge of growing cyber-crime networks and their sophisticated tactics, during a panel discussion.

"Risky Business provides a great opportunity for industry leaders to come together and discuss risk in an open way," Steve Huxter commented. "It is precisely by acknowledging risk management and threat mitigation as a board-level issue that we can start to re-evaluate our approach to cyber protection in this new era of threat."